Using the IBD Registry WebTool

Important Notice: The WebTool has been decommissioned following the closing of Registry activities. This page is an archive of the information and resources relating to the WebTool that clinical teams may find useful. Please note that the information, links, and files on this page may be outdated. If you have any queries, please contact us on [email protected]

The IBD Registry WebTool provides local sites with a secure web-based clinical support system, based on the same software as the InfoFlex IBD Patient Management System.

It enables data to be captured at the point of clinical contact with patients and provides immediate access to a summary of the patient’s disease and current care. It can generate clinically useful outputs and basic service profiling information.

For sites wanting to participate in Quality Accounts, the WebTool is designed to capture the required biologics data and is quick to get started with allowing maximum participation in this important Quality Standard. It also has additional fields built in for adverse event monitoring and reporting for teams wanting to take part in our drug safety studies.

The WebTool is managed and supported by the IBD Registry and has a built-in extract process to produce data files for upload to the Registry. For more information about how to access the WebTool, or for help and support, email us