Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

Putting the patient at the centre of what we do

The creation of the Patient Advisory Group (PAG) reflects our commitment to involving people living with inflammatory bowel disease, and those who support children or adults with these lifelong conditions, in the organisations ongoing development.

The purpose of the Patient Advisory Group is to contribute the voices of people with IBD to the activities of the IBD Registry – in particular when deciding its priorities and future developments. Members of the Group:

  • Offer advice and give insight.
  • Ensure there is appropriate patient engagement in its work.
  • Challenge and question.
  • Help promote awareness of the IBD Registry amongst the IBD community and
  • Communicate to others the value of participating in the IBD Registry.

How to find out more

For more information about our PAG, please email us.

We are not currently receiving applications for new members.

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