Biologics Sequencing in Clinical Units (BISCUITS)

In 2022, the IBD Registry started a research study on Biologics Sequencing in IBD Clinical Units, otherwise known as BISCUITS.

BISCUITS Biologics Sequencing in IBD Clinical Units

The study investigates the potential effects of biologics sequencing on clinical outcomes for patients with Crohn’s Disease. This means looking at which biologic medications are used if a first biologic treatment has failed and how successful the second medication is. This is important information to assess because the effectiveness of biologic treatments is usually lower each time a patient switches to a new medication. Therefore, the aim of the study is to provide IBD teams evidence that can support them when they decide which biologic medication to give to a patient if the first treatment is not working.

BISCUITS is the first study from the IBD Registry to be NIHR Portfolio-listed.

In order to receive data for the study, relevant records from consented patients were uploaded from 7 hospitals to the IBD Registry’s secure platform. Huge thanks go to the IBD teams at Royal Bolton, Royal Derby, Royal Hallamshire, Royal Sussex County, Southampton General, Torbay and University College London hospitals, who have worked incredibly hard to submit completed data to be used for the study.

In November 2023, a methodological abstract for BISCUITS was presented at The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Europe conference in Copenhagen. The poster presentation from the methodology demonstrated the potential for the IBD Registry’s database to be used as a vessel through which clinical research studies can be conducted.

An abstract for the completed study has been accepted for poster presentation at the European Crohn’s and Colitis Organisation (ECCO) congress in Stockholm on 21-24 February 2024.

BISCUITS has been the IBD Registry team with Dr Fraser Cummings, Consultant Gastroenterologist and clinical lead for IBD services at the University of Southampton, as Investigator. BISCUITS was funded by, and co-designed and co-implemented with, Janssen.