Information for IBD hospital teams

Infographic showing how people with IBD join the IBD Registry and how we use their data to benefit people with IBD.

How the IBD Registry can benefit you and your patients

Contributing to our unique data resource can support your team to provide the best possible care for people with IBD.

How to submit data to us

Getting set up with the IBD Registry and our data submission process.

Data submission deadlines

Find out the submission deadlines for your data uploads and additional guidance on the upload process.

Consent and patient information materials

Discover our additional materials to help inform patients about the consent process. Further information is also available on our Extract Filter Tool and national data opt-out.

Information about our IQICC tool

The IBD Registry’s Improving Quality in Crohn’s and Colitis (IQICC) tool is an easy-to-use online data support tool to simplify collecting data for the new IBD clinical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Information about our WebTool

We can offer teams use of our IBD Registry WebTool, a secure web-based clinical support system that enables data capture at the point of care.

Photo of the IBD team at Royal United Hospitals in Bath

Hear from other IBD teams

IBD teams talk about why they take part in the IBD Registry and how this supports their work.


Still have questions? Our FAQs page can help – or you can contact us with any queries or comments.