IBD Registry IQICC tool

Important Notice: The IBD Registry IQICC Tool has been decommissioned following the closing of Registry activities. This page is an archive of the information and resources relating to the IQICC tool that clinical teams may find useful. Please note that the information, links, and files on this page may be outdated. If you have any queries, please contact us on [email protected]

The IBD Registry’s Improving Quality in Crohn’s and Colitis (IQICC) tool is an easy-to-use online data support tool to simplify collecting data for the new IBD clinical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

The tool will be provided at no cost as an alternative to the IBD Registry WebTool.

The tool suite can be used to collect data for quality improvement and research. It provides access to your local data, including secure downloads, reports and dashboards. It also automatically integrates with Registry consents received via our online e-Consent portal, and includes useful clinical features relating to the KPIs such as prompting of KPI review dates.

The IQICC tool is built and maintained by the IBD Registry on our REDCap platform. For more information about how to access the tool, or for help and support, please contact us.

Preview images of the IBD Registry IQICC tool

What are the differences between the IQICC tool and the IBD Registry WebTool?

Comparing the features of the IQICC tool and the WebTool.


IQICC and other tools

Why is the IQICC tool being created?

The IQICC tool has been created as an optional tool for IBD teams to use that simplifies collecting data for the new IBD clinical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

What are the new KPIs?

A summary is available on our website here with results formally published in Frontline Gastroenterology (June 2023).

Is this a clinical tool?

No, this is a simple data capture tool focused on the data required for clinical quality improvement and research. It has been designed to be beneficial to you, in that you can see your QI and research data, update it, view it in worklists, download data for local analysis; but it isn’t designed to support clinical decision making.


Will using the IQICC tool make extracting and uploading the data any easier?

Once you are confident with the process, it should not take long. The process of extracting your files is the same as before. Trusts in England must now comply with the National Data Opt-Out (NDOO) which adds an extra step. Using the extract filter tool should take around 5 minutes once you have the files ready to import, although if you have large files with lots of patients then it may take a few minutes more. Then the upload process itself should take approximately 5 minutes.

To note: if your Trust is in England, the process requires you to obtain a NDOO file from your information or business intelligence team, which may take them time to prepare.

Can my WebTool data be transferred?

Yes, but there are fewer fields in IQICC tool (as it is simpler), so only a core set of fields can be transferred, but these are also typically the most used fields. We can provide a download of all your other data. We expect to discuss data transfer details with each site, as everyone will be unique.


Do I carry on entering data into the WebTool until we move to our new system?

We would ideally like the final entry of data to be in line with the January 2024 Registry data submission. This will allow us to have time to transfer the data across into the IQICC tool or your new system.

Do we still have to pay for Quality Accounts (QA)?

Yes, there is still a fee for participation in the Quality Accounts programme, as this is open to all sites regardless of the tool or system they use to capture and submit data. The IQICC tool is available separately whether or not an IBD team is taking part in QA.


What IG is needed?

If a current Data Sharing and Processing Agreement has been signed, then no further IG is required. If you are unsure if you have one in place, please contact us here.


Can I see a demonstration of the new tool?

You will find a short video showing the overview of the IQICC tool here.

Does everyone have to use the new tool?

No, it is an optional tool for IBD teams without a data capture option. We are encouraging WebTool users to migrate to the new tool before the end of February 2024, as it is up to date and lower cost for us to maintain.


When will the PMS be updated for the new KPIs?

We are working with Civica (who own the PMS) so that they have the information they need to upgrade your system to align with the new IBD clinical KPIs; this will need to be locally updated at your site or Trust depending on the version of InfoFlex installed.


When is the new Cerner module coming out?

The Cerner module has been available to model sites since mid-August.