Quality Accounts

About Quality Accounts

NHS England’s Quality Accounts list the areas that health service providers must formally report on.

The IBD Registry’s Biologics Audit has again been selected for IBD in the NHS England Quality Accounts List for 2021/22.

All health service providers are required to submit a quality account report in June each year, covering the quality of their services in the previous financial year. Quality Accounts are required to be submitted to the Secretary of State and are publicly available on the NHS Choices website.

Full details on Quality Accounts can be found on the HQIP website


About the IBD Registry’s QA Service

The IBD Registry provides a service that tracks each Trusts ongoing compliance with the IBD Biologics Audit KPIs and is ready to report each year. We use our data analytics capability in calculating these, and we make a cost-recovery charge for this annual service.

We are now taking registrations from Trusts for the 2021-22 Quality Accounts service.  Contact us to find out more about how to participate.

Service Schedule 2021-22

Trusts wanting to use the Registry’s Quality Accounts service need to sign up with us from April 2021.  The window for registration is technically open until December 2021, but the earlier the registration, the more data will be submitted for analysis and the resulting KPIs for your Trusts will be more reflective of performance.

Submissions for 2021-22

Data submission for Quality Accounts is quarterly as part of our standard Registry Data Submission schedule. The last upload that will contain data for the 2021-22 analysis is January 2022.

We really encourage all Trusts and sites to start participation early in the year to maximise the data that can be submitted.

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