The IBD Registry welcomes collaboration. Besides working with IBD teams in the NHS, the IBD Registry collaborates with a variety of partner organisations active in the IBD space. We are keen to work with clinicians on clinical studies.

If you are a member of an IBD clinical team and would like to discuss a potential clinical study in IBD, we would be pleased to discuss further.

We are also able to help with industry studies and can advise on how we can help within the parameters of our governance process.  If you are interested in supporting the work of the Registry, please get in touch at

More information on collaborating on studies

More information on our Industry Working Group

More information on our industry supporters

Gut Reaction – The Health Data Research Hub for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The IBD Registry is a founder member of Gut Reaction, one of seven hubs set up across the UK to speed up research for new medicines and treatments, support quicker diagnoses and potentially save lives.  Our partners include academia, healthcare professional bodies, patient groups and industry.  More information here.



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