New resources available for people with IBD

Mar 21, 2023

The IBD Registry has co-developed with our Patient Advisory Group (PAG) two new resources for people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The resources include a leaflet and poster. They are available on our website to read online or download and print at home. People with IBD and hospital teams can also request a free pack of printed leaflets and a poster to use at an upcoming support group or patient event by getting in touch at [email protected].

New resources available for people with IBD! View online or download. There is a collage of the new leaflet and poster.


Our new leaflet and poster provide further information about the IBD Registry and how to join. By allowing your health data to be shared with us, you can help bring together information about the treatment and care of thousands of people with IBD.

This can inform doctors, nurses and researchers about how people are affected by these conditions and where improvements to treatment and care can be made.

We process all patient information safely and securely, and only use it in a responsible way, for example to support new research into IBD.

A range of materials to help IBD hospital teams share information about the IBD Registry with their patients is also available here.

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