Partnering for PINPOINT

Jun 7, 2021

The PINPOINT study (the Prospective Incidence of Paediatric-Onset Inflammatory bowel disease in the United Kingdom) is undertaking a UK-wide incidence study of paediatric IBD.

The number of children newly diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) each year has been increasing worldwide. Some smaller regions of the United Kingdom (UK) have previously published their own incidence data for paediatric IBD. However, the last UK-wide incidence study was completed in 1999, therefore new data is urgently required.  PINPOINT will record each new diagnosis of IBD in children under 16 years of age across the whole of the UK over a 18 months.

The study , led from Edinburgh, will provide important information about the number of patients in each area of the UK, allowing the NHS and IBD charities to provide better care. This improvement in care will be driven by a better understanding of what resources are needed and how they can be used in a more beneficial way.

PINPOINT is supported by Guts UK/BSPGHAN, with data capture supported by the IBD Registry’s national data infrastructure.  We are pleased to work in partnership with Dr Henderson and his team in Edinburgh to help deliver this important project on understanding IBD and its occurrence in children. PINPOINT is starting data collection in June 2021.  More details are on our Analysis and Research page.


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