Submitting data to the IBD Registry – hints and tips for IBD teams

Apr 8, 2021

To help IBD teams (to whom we are grateful for their time and work in submitting data) we have put together a page of hints and tips to make the process of submitting data easier.

1 Check your login before the deadline.

If you use the WebTool periodically rather than every day, we are very keen that you log on to confirm your connection is in place, ideally at least one week before the next upload deadline (Friday 14 January 2022) so we can help if there are any last minute issues.

  • Don’t forget it’s a two-step process!
  • Extract the data from your software (WebTool, PMS, EMIS, EPIC, etc)
  • Upload the extracted files to NHS Digital
2 Missed a previous submission deadline?

Data submission is cumulative, so don’t worry, all your data will be included in this upload. If you have not submitted data previously please ensure you do this time round.

3 Patients first!

When uploading your files to the NHS Digital Clinical Audit Portal (CAP), do remember that the Patient file must be selected first and the remaining files can follow in any order, before selecting Upload.

4 NHS Digital Clinical Audit Platform (CAP)

After your upload on the NHS Digital CAP, please check under “File Submission Dashboard” how successful your upload was and check if any error messages need to be addressed (by clicking view details beside the file name). NHS Digital have made changes to their portal, so hopefully there will be fewer warnings and rejections. The view details screen shows how many records were successfully uploaded and what errors caused records to be rejected. If you can update, on your data capture system, any errors that prevented records from being uploaded, you can re-extract and submit your corrected upload (it will overwrite the first one).

5 Help us to help you!

When checking for errors please let us know of any error codes you do not understand so we can help you achieve the maximum submission of data. If you are unsure of how to import/export the data or are new to the team, do let us know – we are very keen to help.

For further information or assistance, please contact us at [email protected] or call 020 3393 3969.

We are most grateful for your continued support.

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