Looking for a Digital Communications Officer

Oct 31, 2020

We have a big story to tell everyone, and we are looking for a Digital Communications Officer to help support our upcoming campaign to do just that.   If you know someone who is digitally tech-savvy, skilled at campaign messaging, and can engage audiences with compelling stories, then let them know we’re looking for someone just like them.Our perfect candidate would really understand the challenges of IBD and be keen to work with us to make a difference.  Details are on our website at:  https://ibdregistry.org.uk/work-for-us/.  Applications are open from 1 November 2020 and we’re looking to appoint as soon as possible.

The campaign is Reshaping the Registry (or Registry 2.0).   Over the past 6 months (as well as dealing with IBD data to support clinical teams in COVID-19 times), the Registry has been majorly reshaping itself behind the scenes to have the infrastructure, tools and skills in place to be the data and analytics engine for the IBD community – this will enable us to deliver a revolutionary better way of doing clinical audit and service evaluation for IBD teams, to provide fast and relevant data insights into the changing landscape of IBD, treatments and care and to support people with IBD with the insights they need to better understand and personally care for their disease.

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