For clinical teams: next submission is 10 July 2020

Jun 26, 2020

Important information for Registry-participating clinical teams: with the COVID-19 outbreak, to ease pressure on clinical teams we postponed the last (April) submission deadline. The next submission deadline is 10 July 2020 for data to the end of Juneincluding all the data that was postponed in April 2020. We are still running the Biologics Audit, and we very much hope you will have the opportunity to submit some data in this July period towards that.

Update:  The 10 July 2020 data submission deadline has now closed. Later deadlines for 2020/2021 (both Fridays): 9 October 2020 (Note: this had previously been advanced to 4 September – one month earlier than usual – but can now be reinstated in its usual date) and 8 January 2021

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