Registry-based audit of biological therapies in IBD unveiled at BSG2019 meeting

Jun 20, 2019

The IBD Registry is delighted a presentation prepared by the Registry’s Analytics Hub at the University of Liverpool featured in the British Society of Gastroenterology Annual Meeting in Glasgow.

The Audit of biological therapy for IBD – Shawihdi et al Poster BSG 2019 summarises the results of the latest Registry-based Audit of Biological Therapy for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and was presented at the meeting.

Dr Mustafa Shawihdi, lead analyst at the Hub, extracted and analysed data from 4,499 adult cases of IBD, supervised by Dr Keith Bodger (Registry Academic Lead).

Liz Dobson CEO of the IBD Registry said, “Congratulations to Keith and Mustafa and the whole team for their work in this review of the progress of the audit of biological therapies in IBD.

“This cumulative rolling audit plays a key and ongoing role in measuring the quality of clinical care received by patients on these potent biological treatments.”

The rolling audit focuses on seven key performance indicators and the authors note that, “Although incomplete case ascertainment and missing data are inevitable challenges, biologics data is maturing as participating sites establish live registers.

The audit also highlights “an ongoing need for many IBD services to improve biologics monitoring through better-organised and documented review visits with objective recording of standardised outcomes.”

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