New IBD Standards “a catalyst in building high quality care for patients”

Jun 20, 2019

The IBD Registry says the launch of the new IBD Standards, the first for six years, at the BSG Annual meeting in Glasgow today, Thursday, 20th June, will provide a catalyst to drive quality in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

The IBD Standards, produced by IBD UK, an alliance of IBD patient and professional organisations, set out what high quality care should look like for a patient at every stage of their journey including diagnosis, surgery and on-going care.  The previous IBD Standards were published in 2013.

IBD Registry CEO Liz Dobson said: “We are proud to be a committed core member of IBD UK, an alliance whose role has included producing the IBD Standards: guidelines for high quality person-centred-care in IBD.

“The revised Standards will be an organisational benchmarking tool for NHS Trusts, and after months of work, it’s great to see them being released.

“As part of this work, we have been exploring ways to integrate its existing captured data into the measurement element of the Standards wherever possible, so that clinical teams are saved from the burden of repeat data entry.”

More info available at the IBD UK website:


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