IBD Biologics Audit in Quality Accounts 2018/19

Feb 7, 2018

Quality Accounts in England

We are delighted to announce that the IBD Registry biologics audit has been included by NHS England in Quality Accounts for 2018/19. We encourage all sites to participate in the biologics audit, as it will help to ensure that IBD patients receive a consistent standard of quality care. For the full list of Quality Accounts audits for 2018/19 please visit their website.

Data and reporting

It’s great to see the numbers continuing to rise steadily. As of the 18th January 2018, the Registry contained 34,144 patient records submitted by 55 hospitals.

This graph shows the increase in patient records and sites submitting data to the IBD Registry. Data valid as of 18/1/18.
This graph shows the number of sites participating in the IBD Registry and their various levels of adoption. Data valid as of 18/1/18. There is a time lag as hospitals move through the process from going live (grey line) to actively submitting data (blue line).


Data submission deadline

The next submission deadline will be Friday 30th March 2018. If you need help, please contact [email protected].

Other news

Mark Allan

The IBD Registry’s Data Manager Mark Allan has moved to a new position with the consumer organisation Which? Mark has been an integral member of the team over the past two years, and sites have benefited from his advice and assistance in setting up their data entry systems and uploading data. Mark also created the InfoFlex PMS User Group which has consolidated and prioritised a list of desirable changes. They will now continue to work with CIMS to implement these changes and ensure InfoFlex is a system that works for clinicians in clinic. The Registry team wish Mark success in his new job, and thank him for his dedication and commitment to the Registry. Support and other queries should still be directed to  [email protected].


IBD Registry 2018 Roadshow

The IBD Registry team is considering running a roadshow in 2018, but we’d like to check it would be useful to you. Previous roadshows have allowed us to gain a better understanding of local needs, answer queries directly and share best practice. To help us plan a roadshow that ticks all the right boxes for you, we’d really appreciate your taking 4-5 minutes to complete this questionnaire https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VZVWK5F


Are you working to improve your biologics patients pre-treatment screening rates?

The 2016 Biologics Audit reported that only 60% of adults and 47% of paediatric patients received all pre-treatment screening tests. The IBD audit team at the Royal College of Physicians conducted telephone interviews with low, middle and high achievers to explore the reasons behind poor screening rates. The primary reasons for clinical teams falling short of 100% pre-treatment screening were: sites opting out of tests, difficulties collecting TB tests and obtaining results in a timely manner.


IBD teams should:

  • Ensure a clear patient pathway /process is written up and visible so that the IBD team is reminded about which tests need to be conducted for pre-treatment screening prior to starting biological therapy.
  • Consider who is the best professional to lead the process.
  • Work with the relevant parties to improve the process for TB tests.
  • Implement early pre-treatment screening of newly diagnosed patients – in particular those who may be identified as more likely to need biological therapies and/ or at higher risk of TB.
  • Review national guidelines before opting out of full screening tests.


Remember hospital teams can view how well they are doing with pre-treatment screening tests compared to the standards by using the IBD Registry data visualisation tools that are available on the Registry Web tool.

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With our thanks for your continued contribution to the IBD Registry,

Dr Stuart Bloom,

IBD Registry Chair

Dr Fraser Cummings,

IBD Registry Clinical Lead

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