Using the Web Tool

The IBD Registry Web Tool provides a database on a centrally-hosted server accessed through the NHS N3 network. The Web Tool enables data to be captured at the point of clinical care, provides immediate access to a summary of the patient’s disease and current care and can generate clinically useful outputs and basic service profiling information.

The Web Tool has a built-in extract process to produce data files ready for upload to the Registry. Depending on the amount of data submitted to the Registry, IBD Teams will receive reports on the number of registered patients, admissions, surgery, and medications benchmarked against the national Registry data. The Registry Web Tool is the online platform for national IBD Audit from 2016 onwards.

To find out more about the Web Tool please contact
To register to participate in the IBD Registry using the Web Tool complete and submit the registration form

Help and support for Web Tool users

During the set-up process, please contact
Once set up, or with queries about data submission, please contact the Registry team on or 0203 725 6150

Biological therapy key performance indicators (KPIs) 2016/17
Please read the user guide detailing instructions on how you enter the data required to fulfil the biological therapy KPIs for 2016/17 using the Web Tool.


Importing your historic RCP biologics data into the IBD Registry Web Tool

To arrange a date to have your RCP biologics data imported into the IBD Registry Web Tool please contact Mark at In order to have your data imported the Web Tool must be placed offline and as a result only a set number of sites can be imported each week. Full details on how to arrange for your data to be imported into the IBD Registry Web Tool are found here.