Using the InfoFlex PMS

The IBD Registry team worked with InfoFlex to develop a patient management system (PMS) that has greater functionality than the Web Tool and can be linked to hospital systems. The PMS provides an IT platform to support IBD teams in providing high quality clinical care. The benefits of the PMS include:

  • Easy access to an accurate summary of each patient’s care at a glance, without the need for paper notes, making all relevant clinical information accessible and reducing the potential for error
  • Easy data entry – the PMS has been designed by working clinicians to be simple and easy to use in real time at the point of care
  • Supports alternative models of care such as virtual clinics or telephone clinics
  • Includes integrated disease scoring tools and comprehensive drug lists
  • Facilitates the running of multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings and flare lines
  • Biologics management system
  • Easy organisation of clinical work lists – for example, azathioprine monitoring, biologics follow up and MDT meetings
  • Can produce printable documents
    • Patient summary of the consultation, diagnosis and treatment to take home
    • GP letter
  • Paediatric growth charts
  • Subject to local IT arrangements, can be integrated with local PAS, pathology and other systems to minimise data entry

Data is easy to retrieve for:

  • Service reports
  • Clinical audit
  • Business cases to demonstrate the impact of service, and make the case for additional resources
  • Commissioner reports

Approaches to data entry

One misconception regarding the IBD Registry and data entry is that IBD teams must enter all their IBD patient data on the system as soon as possible.  This is not logistically possible nor is it a reasonable expectation of busy IBD teams. The IBD Registry advocates a ‘little and often’ approach to data entry; this is a much more manageable and attainable process for IBD teams and helps secure the long-term sustainability of data entry.

The IBD Registry has a few examples of how IBD teams participating in the Registry have tackled data entry:

  1. Enter the first two or three patients each day onto the PMS.
  2. Initially only add the biologics KPI data for new biologics patients, once they are all on the system start to enter existing patients.
  3. Acquiring data administrative support from an audit department can be mutually beneficial as the Audit department can meet their audit requirements. One way to utilise an audit team is to record biologics KPIs data on paper based pro formas which are passed to the audit team to enter into the PMS.

There are costs payable to Chameleon Information Management Services Ltd (CIMS) for licensing, installation, integration and upgrades of the PMS and these are dependent on local IT infrastructure and resources. CIMS have contracted to provide the IBD Registry PMS at a substantially reduced cost up until the end of 2018.  For an accurate local cost estimate, please contact CIMS [telephone: 01923 896939]

IT fact sheet
Technical Information for your IT group on the PMS and what they need to do to implement it locally
Download here
Local report example
Typical reports that Clinical Teams can generate to inform resources, management and commissioning decisions
Download here
IBD Registry PMS screenshots
Download here
GP letter and patient summary examples
Examples of GP and patient documents that can be generated by the PMS
Download here

To register to participate in the IBD Registry using the PMS, complete and submit the registration form

Help and support for PMS users:

For support on using the IBD Registry InfoFlex Patient Management System, contact the CIMS HELP DESK on 01923 890700

Biological therapy key performance indicators (KPIs) 2016/17: PMS users
Please find the user guide detailing instructions on how you enter the data required to fulfil the biological therapy KPIs for 2016/17 using the Patient Management System.

Feedback on functionality and suggestions for future releases should be sent to Dr Matt W Johnson via [email protected]

For any other queries, please contact [email protected]

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