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Find all our helpful guides in one place. To download, simply scroll to the bottom of the relevant guide and click the link. And please contact us if there are any other topics you’d like help with.

Useful guides

WebTool: Extracting a list of newly diagnosed patients

It is possible to extract a list of newly diagnosed patients from the WebTool (making use of the built in ‘extract’ function, the same one that extracts data to send on to the Registry). We have created a helpsheet on how to do this here.

COVID-19: Extracting a list of at risk patients from the WebTool

At the start of April 2020, the WebTool had a second extract built into it to allow clinical teams to extract a list of patients at greater risk from COVID-19. Select Here for the helpsheet on how to use this


WebTool: Changes to support drug safety project

Here is an outline of the changes, which have been made mainly to support the drug safety projects the Registry is commencing. You will notice some other small changes that we hope are useful.  You can download the guide here 

WebTool: Extracting your data from the Web Tool

This guide describes how to extract IBD Registry data from the Web Tool onto your desktop and how to upload these files to NHS Digital.

Download the guide here.

Deleting a patient from IBD Registry and NHS Digital

If a patient withholds or withdraws their consent for their information to be passed to the IBD Registry then this is a two-step process to record this.  This guide shows you how to do this using the Web Tool, PMS software or other.

Download the guide here

Extracting data using Infoflex

This guide describes how you can extract IBD Registry data from the InfoFlex patient management system onto your desktop.

Download the guide here.

Uploading data to the Registry from an existing EPR

This guide will primarily be used by hospital IT teams. It details the format data must be converted to before uploading to the IBD Registry.

Download the guide here.

Business case resources

Modelling Caseload for IBD CNS CCUK report 2017 (782kb, PDF)Download
Business Case Example (92kb, PDF)Download

Other resources

IBD pre-biologics check list Aintree (34kb, Word file)Download
Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Mar-17 Aintree (23kb, Word file)Download
IBD Patient PROM and disease score questionnaire v1 Cardiff (20kb, Word file)Download
IBD Patient disease questionnaire v1 Cardiff (20kb, Word file)Download
HBI Crohns Activity-Mar 17 Aintree (24kb, Word file)Download
IBD Registry NHS Digital user registration form (107kb, Word file)Download

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