Using your hospital system

The Registry is designed to take data from any system via its Data Submission Framework including the eHRs installed at many sites now.


The PMS (from CIMS/Civica) was designed to have an IBD module with built-in Registry data extract. It is owned and sold by CIMS (now called Civica)


We have EPIC sites submitting and preparing to submit to us. Please contact us to discuss details of integration.


We also have EMIS sites already submitting to us. If you are an EMIS site wanting to join the Registry, please contact us.


Sites using existing systems to extract and submit data from their own system, where data fields either match or can be mapped to the Registry specification (see the Registry’s Data Submission Framework).

Systems such as but not limited to:

  • Local hospital EPR
  • Ferring’s ‘Rotherham’ system
  • GeneCIS

How the Registry integrates

The Registry is designed to an open standard independent of any specific system (including the Registry’s InfoFlex PMS system). Our Data Submission Framework details the Registry’s carefully designed dataset: this open design is the basis for our all-systems interoperability.


For more information

To find out more about using an existing system to participate in the IBD Registry, contact us.

IBD Registry Ltd is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee - Company Number 11197749.