Quality of IBD Care

National KPIs tracking Biological Therapies

Clinical KPIs for IBD

The Registry has developed and maintains the KPIs for the National Audit of Biological Therapies (now part of Quality Accounts).

These clinical KPIs track the improvement in biologics treatment of patients.

The Statement of Purpose, Scope and Requirements is here.

The clinical KPIs are detailed in this guide here.

We are now working with the BSG IBD section in reviewing an extension to these clinical KPIs, potentially to include capturing other key treatments such as steroid use in patients.

IBD Biological Therapies KPIs diagram

Diagram: the six clinical KPIs for monitoring quality of care in treatment using biological therapy (see Guide for details).

2021 Annual Report on Biological Therapy in IBD

The biological therapy review is a continuous programme of data collection to support clinical quality improvement in the treatment patients with IBD in the UK. We analyse the data quarterly to provide the 102 participating hospitals with an ongoing review of clinical performance against the biological therapies KPIs (see top).

In addition to this,  we analyse the data on a national level to understand how the clinical management of the biological therapies is changing on a national level. Our annual 2021 report is available below:

Annual Report on Biological Therapy in IBD 2021 (Registry annual report, 2021). 


Reports and Publications

The following reports and papers are related to the biological therapies KPIs

Audit of Biological Therapy for inflammatory bowel disease (Gut, 1 June 2019). 

Annual Report on Biological Therapy in IBD 2019 (Registry annual report, 2019). 

From IBD Audit to IBD Registry

In 2016 the national IBD audit came to an end, and the IBD Registry became the vehicle for the biological therapies audit and quality improvement programme.

The 2018 RCP IBD Audit Programme Review is here

Dr Ian Arnott, RCP Clinical Lead reflects in 2017 on 10 years of the RCP IBD Audit in Framing the Future

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