With the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting pressure on IBD clinical teams, the next IBD Registry data submission (planned beginning of April)  has been relaxed, so that the next data submission dates will be 10 July followed by 9 Oct 2020.

IBD clinical teams should note that IBD data collected can be submitted cumulatively, so no data will be lost by missing out a submission deadline.

Our team are on hand to help. If you or anyone in your team have any questions, please contact us on support@ibdregistry.org.uk or call us 020 3393 3969.



We want let you know about the international SECURE-IBDRegistry which seeks to collect a fast entry of de-identified data on Covid-19 infection occurring in IBD patients – see https://covidibd.org/ for details

The Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus) Under Research Exclusion (SECURE)-IBD registry

They say: “We encourage IBD clinicians worldwide to report ALL cases of COVID-19 in their IBD patients, regardless of severity (including asymptomatic patients detected through public health screening).  Reporting a case to this Surveillance Epidemiology of Coronavirus) Under Research Exclusion (SECURE)-IBD registry should take approximately 5 minutes.” 

“At covidibd.web.unc.edu we will provide regularly updated summary information about reported cases, including numbers of cases by country, number of cases by treatment, etc. so the entire IBD community has access to these data.”

To report a case of coronavirus, click here or visit covidibd.web.unc.edu



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