First Registry Annual Report on the Use of Biologics for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases 

The IBD Registry has published its first Annual-Report-on-the-Use-of-Biologics-for-Inflammatory-Bowel-Diseases-2018-19-IBD-Registry-Oct-2019  for the year 2018-19. (1.8MB)

The report includes the cumulative results to January 2019 from April 2016 when the Registry assumed the role of supporting the National Audit of Biological Therapies from the Royal College of Physicians.

The focus is on progress during the calendar year 2018 with comparative data from 74 IBD clinical teams in England & Wales participating in our rolling audit.

The report also refers to the larger clinical dataset captured by the IBD Registry which aims to provide a longitudinal picture of the care received by people with IBD.

IBD Registry Medical Director Dr Stuart Bloom said, “We hope the results and commentary prove of interest to clinicians and others involved in managing IBD, as well as to the 500,000 people living with these diseases in the UK.” 

Thank you to all participating IBD teams for their huge efforts in making this report a reality. If you have any questions or feedback, we would be keen to hear.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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