Data Visualisation

A data visualisation tool has been developed to help IBD teams review their performance against key performance indicators for biological therapies. The tool is available initially for users of the IBD Registry Web Tool. The charts show local data compared with benchmarked standards as well as the national average (based on Web Tool users). The tool is intended to enable teams to review how well they are doing compared to the national standards, prompt them to identify where changes in care are required and support them to implement improvements. For assistance using the data visualisation function of the Web Tool please find the guide here.

The charts below demonstrate only a selection of the possible ways in which you could display your data. The data in the examples was taken from the IBD Registry test database and is purely fictional.

Patient population displayed using diagnosis and sex


Biologics information

The below charts show the spread of patients across the different biological therapies and the total number of patients starting on a biologic for each financial year.

Comparing site performance against Biologics Audit KPIs

This chart shows the number of biologics naive patients that have been adequately screened prior to commencing on biological therapies.

The yellow line shows the average (cumulative) percentage of your site.

The green line shows the national average (cumulative) percentage of other sites using the Web Tool.


The National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA) is using data visualisation to drive quality improvements. This video describes the transferable principles and previews the benefits IBD teams will soon see as a result of their quality improvement work.